Hi, I'm Hannah. Your guide to finding confidence in your writing and in yourself.

Write Freely Listen Deeply is more than a writing group, it's a feminist space designed to support self-care, community, & authenticity.

Hannah, writing workshop facilitator

Creative writing is a healing and grounding act of self-care.

Write Freely Listen Deeply is a small, structured, freewriting community. Groups are limited to 5 writers per session to quickly build intimacy and trust. Write Freely Listen Deeply is open to women, nonbinary and trans writers who value vulnerability, authenticity, and creativity. Writers generate new writing, share their writing, and receive thoughtful and positive feedback at every gathering.  Original and dynamic writing prompts are offered at each session to help guide the writer on their journey. We embrace beginners and seasoned writers. Come build confidence, develop your voice, experiment with craft, heal and process.

AWA writing workshop facilitator badge

In 2020 I became an official AWA Affiliate, certified to lead workshops in the Amherst Writers and Artists method as described in Writing Alone and With Others by Pat Schneider. However, I was first introduced to this style of writing workshops in high school. It was the early 2000s and poet Genie Zeiger was our facilitator. I found healing, solace, and strength as soon as I received my first note of positive feedback after sharing a sensitive piece of writing. Since then I've dedicated my career to advocacy and storytelling. I fully believe that everyone can write, and everyone has a story to tell.  As Pat Schneider said, “No one has seen the night sky from exactly your trajectory. No one has loved exactly the people and places you have loved. Who will tell that part of the earth’s story, if you do not?”  

The workshop structure

We write freely and listen deeply.



At every gathering, we freewrite. As the facilitator, I prepare multiple writing prompts to guide you. The writing prompts are meant to spark your imagination and will evoke something unique for each person. Writers are welcome to let the prompts guide their writing, but the time is yours to write what you need to write.


Share & Listen

After writing, group members are invited to read aloud what they’ve just written. Sharing is optional and respected as confidential. As someone shares the rest of the group members listen deeply for the diamonds in the rough draft.



After a writer shares, group members respond with honest and uplifting feedback. There is no critique of freshly written work. Everyone focuses on what is strong, what is memorable, and what is working in the writing. Together, we encourage and learn from one another’s voice and craft.

Join a group

I currently lead weekly generative writing groups.  All gatherings occur via Zoom. Our time is spent connecting, writing, listening, and responding. At the end of each cycle, there is an option to renew your membership.

  • Structured writing time
  • Mindfulness and grounding exercises
  • Small closed groups for women, trans, and nonbinary folx
  • Community building
  • New 8-week session starting soon
  • Cost: $25 per group. Payment plans available

What people are saying


I am blown away by the work you've done to create this magical space for us. The rules are deceptively simple, but every single one is essential. The prompts are fantastic. And the presence and joy that you model are so important, inside this space and out of it!


Before this class, I was completely creatively burnt out. I was over editing, overthinking, and having a miserable time writing.  Like a breath of fresh air, Write Freely Listen Deeply revitalized my creativity. Not only was I able to get back to the joy of writing, I felt uplifted, heard, and respected by a group of folx who are now some of my favorite writers. There is magic in these meetings and I am so happy to have experienced it first hand!


Hannah is very skilled at creating a safe, focused space for creativity to flow. Her meditations are really calming. She gives very detailed and incisive feedback and really helps me to see strengths in the piece that I hadn't seen on my own.

Anonymous group member

This workshop has been such a great collaboration of creativity - Hannah has made a space full of vulnerability, authenticity, and creativity. I leave this group feeling refreshed and inspired.


Hannah’s AWA writing workshop was better than therapy for me. She made me feel comfortable and supported, all while providing incredible prompts each week that allowed me to dig deep, face some delicate challenges and expand my creativity! By the end of our six-week session, I felt very close to all my cohorts. The pieces I started are not only investments in future writing projects, but in my personal growth and healing as well.

Sam M

The prompts were outstanding - every one of them unique and invigorating.


Hannah has created a safe and empowering space for a group of individuals to come together to express our creativity through writing. It has been so inspiring to hear everyone's positive feedback, listen to their writing and form a bond. I feel my writing has improved and is helping with my writer's block. Each week Hannah comes up with creative ways to present prompts for the group such as using tarot cards, loved that one! Every week I look forward to our group and can't wait to see not only what I write but the same with the other members.


My work in this creative writing group during the 2020 quarantine resulted in a deeper connection to a creative self I previously struggled to access. Hannah is an ideal guide through the Amherst Writer’s Workshop method: her utter respect for confidentiality, keen feedback, and enthusiasm for the craft blew me away each session. Truly recommended - I look forward to joining again.

Anonymous group member

The structure of Hannah’s workshop was not only supportive and encouraging, but inspiring. The prompts enabled me to open back up to my craft with ease, and the format of the feedback (focusing on our mutual strengths, rather than weaknesses) soothed my anxiety. I was able to bond with my classmates while invigorating my passion for writing. I also learned new techniques for opening up to my creativity... I felt opened to a new part of myself—not to mention a notebook full of fragments to develop. For a workshop less than two months long, I was amazed by the impact, and will definitely return for more soon!

Hannah, writing workshop facilitator

More about Hannah

Hannah (she/her) offers 15 years of dynamic human service expertise, working in the fields of interpersonal violence, developmental disabilities, and live storytelling. She has a Bachelor's in social work from Skidmore College and a Master's in women & gender from the University of Colorado Denver.  Throughout her career, she has always dedicated herself to be in service of others and is committed to uplifting unheard voices. 

Hannah has published multiple personal essays and her stories have been featured in That’s What She Said live storytelling events. She has presented her academic writing about gender and gentrification at multiple interdisciplinary conferences across the country. She also teaches Creative Writing to middle and high schoolers at The Academy at Charlemont.

Hannah is a 200-hour trained yoga teacher. She integrates mindfulness, connection, and creativity in all forms of self-development.